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Build APIs Rapidly

Quickly define a new API and start building your endpoints in seconds. With our cloud offering you will immediately have a publicly available host serving up your API responses. Start by mocking your endpoints or jump right into connecting to other sources!

Integrate With Ease

With JustAPIs, connecting to any of our supported external remote systems is simple. Define connectivity to any HTTP, SOAP, MySQL, MongoDB, MS SQL Server, or Postgres service. Do this once and then instantly reuse that service anywhere in your API.

Customize with JavaScript

Transform incoming requests, populate outgoing responses, define a simple workflow, or create complex SQL queries. All these things and more are possible with JustAPIs. Each API endpoint can use JavaScript to get the logic you need instantly.

Document APIs Painlessly

While you are busy building and testing your APIs, JustAPIs is busy building your API documentation. Each API you build will come with Swagger Docs that define your API without them looking like an afterthought.

Run in the Cloud or On-Premises

Our Cloud offering is the easiest way to get started quickly, but JustAPIs can run anywhere your needs dictate. Our product runs on 64-bit or 32-bit Windows, Linux, OS X. We also support ARMv5, v6, or v7. You can even run locally to develop and push your API to the Cloud, or vice-versa.

Wrap-up with our SDKs

JustAPIs comes with SDKs that can connect to any API you build. You can quickly use our Swift, Android, Java, JavaScript, and .NET PCL SDKs to finish the job your APIs started. Our SDKs come with out-of-the-box support for certificate pinning, request caching, and a resumable request queue.

But Wait, There's More!

JustAPIs does more than just help you crank out APIs. It makes a breeze out of development, debugging, testing, and maintenance. With JustAPIs, you'll build something that actually makes it to production.


Quickly filter and stream your API logs from the Admin Dashboard. See what your users are doing and what might be going wrong in real time.


Manage details by environment. Quickly switch an endpoint from development to production when the time is right.

Shared Libraries

Write common business logic once and reuse it all throughout your API. No need to copy and paste all over the place!




Start now for free in the JustAPIs cloud. Build and publish your API today.


  • Unlimited hosted developers
  • 1 on-premises developer
  • Unlimited hosted API endpoints
  • 20 on-premises active API endpoints
  • Support: none
  • Upgrade to AnyPresence platform available


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Scale with ease. JustAPIs is ready for your web-scale applications.


  • Unlimited hosted developers
  • Unlimited on-premises developers
  • Unlimited hosted API endpoints
  • Unlimited on-premises API endpoints
  • Support: email, web, and phone
  • Upgrade to AnyPresence platform available

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